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SCUBA Diving

During the Easter School Holidays, the Senior Scuba Diving Team will be participating in their first aid course for their Scuba Diving Certification. They will be having two full days of practical and theory led by Devocean Dive Company. This first aid qualification is mandatory, and students unable to complete the first aid qualification, will not be able to continue with the remainder of the course.

When:                 Tuesday, April 4 & Wednesday, April 5
Where:                J1 & J2 Groves Christian College. 70 Laughlin Street Kingston. 4114.
Arrival:               11:00 am
Departure:         3:00 pm
Dress:                  Free dress that complies with the College free dress policy.
What to Bring:  Snacks, water, laptops.

Jennah Williams-Broome
STEM Projects & Laboratory Coordinator

Ref: 11930SG