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Super Secondary Swimming Carnival (video)

Thank you for making the 2018 Secondary Swimming Carnival an excellent event. Your attendance, participation, behaviour and community spirit were outstanding. While the water was warm, I know firsthand once out of the pool it was cold. Yet your enthusiastic engagement and super support of your peers created an atmosphere that kept competitors heading back to the pool for the novelty events and serious swimming races.

Well done sports captains and others who naturally jumped in to lead the house war-cries and ongoing cheering. Also, for the manner that you organised your house teams for events. The novelty events expressed the big extended family nature of staff and students having a great time together. Equally, the manner that Year 7 students, our new students across the year levels, and our Distance Education participants were all included into the day is evidence of the loving nature of the student body. Most special to me is the respect and encouragement you express to each other. Once again, no matter the shape or size of the student, no matter a person’s swimming ability, no matter if a competitor was coming first or last, no matter if a person had the most expensive swimming outfit or just an old t-shirt on, the actions of the students once again advanced the Groves tradition of making others feel okay and included. This is a core value that expresses a deep understanding that we are all made in God’s image and that Jesus purposefully went out of His way to include others, particularly those often put down by society.

It is wonderful to have the local pool staff remark how excellent the students were and how great an atmosphere the carnival had. Our students are a reflection of the wonderful families they represent. Thank you to our dedicated teachers who were also in and out of the water, working hard to balance the serious races with the novelty events, and helping generate an awesome atmosphere.

Special thanks to the families that joined us for the day, your presence on these days helps generate the extended family environment. Thank you to our Sports Director, Andy Hourigan, for another excellent sports carnival.

Congratulations to our Age Champions (including those from Day and Distance Education competing in the one competition):

12yrs girls – Amy Becker
12yrs Boys – Timothy Krueger
13yrs girls – Lilli Moore
13yrs Boys – Liam Durand
14yrs girls – Tyla Gunning
14yrs Boys – Austin Gunning
15yrs Girls – Hannah Couchman
15yrs Boys – Nicholas Frazer
16yrs Girls – Shania Nilsson and Annie Meredith
16yrs Boys – Nathan Newitt
Open Girls – Elianah Clayton
Open Boys – Joshua Newitt

Congratulations to Seira Itielu and Elianah Clayton on leading Carmichael to victory for the House competition.

I know we have become accustomed to students showing strength in the manner I have described, nevertheless, I feel blessed, renewed in the spirit, and proud of our students and staff.

God bless,

Allan Weir
Head of College