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Number 1 to 10

From the first week in Prep, students have been learning how to count objects with one to one correspondence. This term, students have been focusing on numbers 1-10 and will have some exposure to the teen numbers. Each day we have focused on a different number with our number of the day chart. We also had a number 6 party day, we read Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for number 7 and made a class Octopus for the number 8.

We have also been using ten-frames and learning how to place the correct number of counters on the chart. Ten-frames are highly useful tools for developing number sense within the context of ten. When students arrange the counters in different ways on the ten-frame it prompts them to form mental images of the numbers represented. Students learn that it is important to fill the top row first, starting on the left, the same way you read. When the top row is full, counters can be placed on the bottom row, also from the left. This will produce the “standard way” to show numbers on the ten-frame (John Vann De Walle).

After students finish hands-on activities, they complete a task in their iMaths workbook. This solidifies their knowledge and understanding of the number that they have been focusing on.

You can also help your child with their counting and understanding of number by doing the following simple activities:

  • Counting the cars that drive past, the windows on the house, the stairs inside or outside the house
  • Telling them to do 10 jumps, 5 hops, 7 star jumps etc.

Rebecca Collins
Prep C Teacher

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