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Intermediate Chapel

Across the Primary School this term in Chapel, we are looking at the Fruits of the Spirit. We are excited to learn more about how Jesus showed us these characteristics and how we can show them to others through the help of the Holy Spirit. Last week at our Intermediate Chapel we talked about how we can have true joy in life by trusting in Jesus. It was a good reminder to remember that even though we may not be feeling ‘happy’, we can still have joy because of the grace that has been shown to us by God in our lives.

Please join us for our chapels – we’d love to have you along to join the celebration of being a part of God’s family.

Foundation Chapel – Friday, 8:30am, MPC, Campus 1
Intermediate Chapel – Thursday, 8:30am, Hall, Campus 2 (please sign in when you arrive)

Ellen Wilcox

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