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Head of College – Term 1, Week 2

Leadership at Groves

Jethro (Moses’ father-in-law in Exodus 18) encouraged Moses to appoint leaders amongst the people so that the community could be cared for at all levels. Likewise, our dedicated leaders serve our learning community across Groves. Some leaders look after the pastoral needs of the students, some coordinate auxiliary services (e.g. buses), and others look after whole sections of the College (e.g. Head of Primary School).

We are called to honour those in leadership (see 1 Timothy 5:17 and Hebrews 13:17), therefore, in all our dealings across the College and beyond, let us model to our children respect to others, including those who serve us in leadership. Those of you who serve in leadership, or are close to those who do, at work, Church, or at a sporting club, know firsthand the extra load leadership brings. Yet it is through leadership, we combine our gifts and talents to bring about so much good. It is often our leaders that help us in times of trouble.

Each section of the College has a leadership team led by a senior leadership team member. I am blessed to have a vibrant and experienced core leadership team serve with me at Groves in 2018.

2018 Core Leadership Team

God bless,

Allan Weir
Head of College