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Forgotten Cupboard Treasures Needed for MPop

We are in need of the following items for the Mary Poppins costume department. Some may be found in the back of Grandma’s wardrobe or in the bottom of a suitcase. If you could help with lending or giving any of the following items, we would be very grateful!

Items for Male Students

  • Dress black shoes
  • Dress formal pants in black and in any other colour like navy or tan or green. Like ones you would wear to a wedding
  • Black socks
  • Old fashioned cap
  • Top hat

*These items will not be altered and can be returned.

Items needed in any size and colour

*Please note, these will be altered

Men’s suits, jackets and pants
Ladies old fashioned blouses

Items for Female Students

  • Tights in black skin colour or white
  • Jazz shoes in black
  • Black socks
  • Old fashioned wide belt
  • Coloured shawl or crochet wrap

*These items will not be altered and can be returned.

Material of any pattern that is not modern, so plain dark colours. Also can be bright colours. Can be small or large pieces.
Sewing thread of any colour
Spare buttons, zippers and elastic interfacing or any other accessories.

Props we are looking for

Old fashioned pram
Old fashioned walking sticks

If there is anyone in your house who would like to help with some costume sewing please email Julie Weir at

All items can be given to Mrs Cunningham in F10. Any questions regarding items you have, or could source, please contact Julie Weir at

Kialyn Wassenberg
Director of Arts