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Campus 2 Closed 12/2/18

All students are on Campus 1 today until further notice.

I trust your family and home are safe following the storm last night. Many areas of Logan and Brisbane are waiting to have power restored. Campus 2 is without power following the storm. We also have trees to cut and remove that were damaged last night.

Currently Campus 2 students are on Campus 1. Campus 2 parents were notified this morning by SMS of this arrangement. We will double up smaller secondary school classes to make some of our air conditioned rooms available. If power is restored to Campus 2 and if we have cleaned up the trees, we will look to move our students back to their regular rooms.

We will update Campus 2 parents later in the day, by 2:00 pm to determine which campus to pick students up from.

If it is Campus 1, please be patient as traffic will reflect the extra number of students on site requiring pick up.

God bless,

Allan Weir
Head of College

Update: 12pm Monday 12/2/18 from Mrs Susan Hindle (Head of Primary School)

After a morning in the MPC and Secondary School classes, we are pleased to report that Campus 2 is now reopening for the afternoon. Intermediate Phase students and teachers are shuttling back to C2 and their usual classrooms for the remainder of the day and families will be able to follow normal afternoon collection processes, including carpark pick-ups from C1 and C2 or usual bus services. Thank you for helping direct your children to their teachers today as we worked through this process.