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Vacation Care Booking Information

70 Laughlin Street, Kingston QLD 4114 (Multi Purpose Centre via Gate 1)

Vacation Care operates from Campus 1 during most school holiday periods and Student Free Days, with the exception of Public Holidays and the Christmas close-down times. Care is available for Primary School-aged children, however enquiries for care of Secondary School children are also accepted for consideration and waiting lists. Bookings can be made through the links below, or directly through the Early learning Centre and Outside School Hours Care staff. Attendance must be booked and paid at least one week in advance of the vacation care period and late cancellation costs can apply. Specific information about the upcoming vacation care period, including details of excursions, are available below.

Term 2: Monday June 26 – Friday July 7
Pupil Free Days: July 10, July 11
Term3: Monday September 18 – Friday September 29
Pupil Free Days: 16 October
Term 4: Monday December 4 – Thursday December 22
Pupil Free Days: 4 December – 22 December


Existing students will need to complete the Vacation Care Booking Form. A new one must be completed each holiday. For new enrolments please complete the full Vacation Care Enrolment Form. We do not accept phone or verbal enrolments, they must be completed in writing.

Vacation Care Booking and Permission Booklet


Each day is $70/day less any CCB or CCR you are entitled to. Extra charges apply per excursion.


Two weeks written notice needs to be provided when making changes to your booking. If you do not provide the required amount of notice given, you will be charged for your booked days.


Please ensure you sign all permission forms for excursions. These are non-optional excursions and all costs will be added onto your account.


Please be aware that if children are found to be participating in behaviour that is putting themselves, others or staff in risk of harm, you will be contacted to be asked to collect your child.


The following additional Vacation Care Programs are available.

Vacation Care Program Booklet