Secondary School Key Staff

We understand that our students will be best placed to succeed when an effective support network exists through family and staff partnerships. A number of key roles exist to support students during the Middle Phase of schooling. Classroom teachers and key staff can be contacted via

Secondary Leadership Team

Mrs Roshea Buksh
Head of Secondary
Mr James Van Gelderen
Head of Middle Phase
Mr Rowan Hofmesiter
Head of Senior Phase

Year Level Coordinators

Mrs Nola Rasmussen
Year 7 Year Level Coordinator
Mrs Faith Soong
Year 8 Year Level Coordinator
Mr Simon Geeves
Year 9 Year Level Cooordinator
Mr Bruce Lanham
Year 10 Year Level Coordinator
Mr Louis Van Amstel
Year 11 Year Level Coordinator
Mr Paul White
Year 12 Year Level Coordinator

Curriculum Coordinators

Mr Michael McClune
Production & Design Technologies
Mrs Rene Nieuwoudt
Sciences & Technology
Mrs Rosalind Barrett
English Studies
Mr Daniel McComber

Pastoral Care & Support

Mr Jeff Sorensen
Mrs Ellen Watters
Mrs Nola Rasmussen
Dean of Students
Mrs Jane Thornton
Careers Advisor
Mrs Rene Nieuwoudt
Coordinator of Performance