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Year 3 – 96.5 visit and The amazing race

On Monday, Year Three had a visit from Nicky from the radio station, 96.5. Nicky spoke to our students about the different career options in radio and media. The students wrote questions and placed them in a question box for Nicky to answer. They were interested in how many songs were on the radio and what her favourite songs were. Nicky gave the students advice on how to practice recording your voice and provided them with voice training. She played a game with them which is featured on the radio called ‘Battleships before the bell’. Nicky spoke about some of her favourite times and stories from radio. The students were provided with a code word so that she would know they were from Year 3 at Groves and put them straight through for the competitions.

In the afternoon, the Year 3s celebrated their time at Campus One with an Amazing Race around the school. The students were broken up into groups of 6 with a mixture of students from each Year 3 class. They wore coloured bandannas for each team. They were given a clue and proceeded to checkpoints to participate in activities to receive their next clue. The students used the skills they had gained from class to complete tasks along with teamwork and communication skills. The winners of the day received a mini trophy and a first ribbon. Second and third were also awarded with ribbons and all students enjoyed an ice block for their hard work.

Sue-Ellen Thorne
Year 3 Teacher