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International Ambassador Training afternoon

Last Thursday afternoon we gathered all our International Ambassadors from Years 4-9 (over 120 students) to provide some training for them in their roles as International Ambassadors. We started the afternoon with some fun ‘getting to know’ you type games with Mrs Jones. We then shared a pizza lunch together while we sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine. I presented some multi-cultural training in Chinese and Japanese etiquette, culture and communication. Mr Chen then taught some phrases in Mandarin and Japanese, and Mr van Gelderen concluded the afternoon with leadership training.

Our International Ambassadors are a valuable part of our International program at Groves Christian College and we are blessed to have so many students who are willing to volunteer in being a buddy to our overseas visitors. We believe that through having our overseas visitors we are able to share the good news of the Gospel and show them, through our behaviour and actions, what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. We are very blessed to have such an opportunity and such a precious group of students to partake in this journey with us.

Angie Buckby
International Coordinator