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Head of College – Term 4, Week 9

Thank you

Thank you for partnering with us this year. I trust you can have a break these holidays. Tomorrow the school is closed as we complete our final meetings and clean up for the year. The office reopens on Monday morning. Make good use of the online and printed Day and DE College Calendars (arriving by mail) to be ready for next year.


I grew up in a church that initially did not really do much around celebrating the birth of Jesus at Christmas time. Over time the church came to understand it is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Jesus coming to our world in such a remarkable way. The church also loved the community and desired everyone to share in the joy and hope that comes through the Nativity account. People who did not normally connect with God through the church were attracted to the life giving, restoring and hope giving themes of Christmas. With Christmas day being in the middle of the summer holidays we do not have an opportunity to celebrate it as a learning community. Therefore, I encourage you to celebrate Christmas as a family, in the local churches and together with the wider community.

My father loved Christmas. No matter the circumstances our family was in, Christmas was special. Starting with homemade toys when money was tight through to new bikes and early computer games as my parents were able, my brothers and I always knew something would be under the Christmas tree. Reflecting now, it was not the actual toy, rather it was the knowledge that the gift came because I was loved and part of the family (not because I wasn’t naughty). This made understanding and accepting the special gift of Jesus easier. My father was a generous man, God is a mighty and generous God. I pray your Christmas is special for you and your family.

God bless and Merry Christmas,

Allan Weir
Head of College