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Head of College – Term 4, Week 2

Reformation (continued from last week)

It is the 500th anniversary since the start of the Reformation when Martin Luther presented his 95 Theses or arguments to the Church about how God’s Grace was central rather than the ways people were trying to become right with God. Within his arguments, five big ideas emerged that have helped steer Christians back to the truth.

First big idea: Scripture Alone.

The second big idea was, ‘Faith Alone’. We are saved not through our own good works but through faith alone in Jesus Christ. To this day, many people think I will be right with God if I try my best, or if I do more good things in life than bad, God will let me into heaven. While it is good to try our best and to do good works, these actions do not put us right with God. Rather, it is through the loving actions of Jesus, as explained in the Gospels, that we are put right with God as we accept Him as Lord and Saviour in faith.

Committed to value: keeping Groves affordable while ensuring quality

The 2018 fee schedule is now available for viewing. We have kept the fees affordable while continuing our practice of including as much as possible to save having to pay unexpected amounts during the year. The family discount system remains for the school fees and bus fees. Additionally, we have made the one bus fee cover all areas we travel to (we have used the Zone 1 for everyone to keep costs down). Please consider the bus as a convenient way of coming to school. We will continue our free train station and inter-campus shuttle.

Camps remain included for Primary and Secondary (Years 4,5,6,7,8,9,11 and12).

Our Secondary School quality lap top computer program continues to be a helpful benefit, not only in terms of the initial cost saving to parents but the ongoing time and cost to maintain a device.

In the Primary School we will continue to supply workbooks and exercise books to save the need for families to locate some of the specific materials on the book list.

We will continue to include sports bus transport and curriculum required educational excursions. We will maintain the ‘pay only for two’ on the bus.

Please take time to read through the detail to see how we continue to work hard as a not-for-profit ministry to make it as affordable as possible to engage in our program.

Groves Christian College continues to attract families seeking to place their children in the school. Several of our year levels are already at full capacity and others are filling with enrolments for 2018. To help us plan and to fulfil your contractual obligation of giving appropriate notice, please let us know by the end of next week if you no longer require your children to attend Groves in 2018. Your help in this regard will enable us to confirm the enrolment of new students.

If your circumstances have changed through the year to the extent that you are no longer in a position due to lack of employment or ill health to have your children attend please speak with our fees advisor, Mrs Barbara Davison. We value the partnership and know that continuity of schooling is an important aspect of a child’s education. We do need the fees we collect and are thankful we have a community that pay their share of the fees on time, however, for those families who have genuine financial difficulties, we have a number of financial bursaries based on need to ensure the inclusion of all who seek values based, Christian schooling.

God bless,

Allan Weir
Head of College