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A message from the new Choir Director, Hannah Grigg

I am thrilled to be involved in the extension of the Choral program at Groves. This is an exciting time for the College, which will bring some fantastic opportunities for those who are keen singers and enjoy collaborating as a community.

Last week, Year Two showed their enthusiasm for the new Foundation Phase Choir with two thirds of the classes lining up to audition. The Foundation Phase choral program will feature two choirs, which will both have some wonderful performance opportunities this year.

The Intermediate Musical rehearsals are well underway and I will be meeting the singers of ‘Not Your Average Joe’ this week. Next term, new choirs will be established in the Middle and Senior Phases of the school and it will be fantastic to hear the vocal talent in the Secondary School auditions and when working with the Chapel vocalists.

A significant part of my life has been spent singing and conducting choirs in New South Wales, Victoria and touring internationally with a choir. Singing in a choir requires teamwork, commitment and the development of musicianship. I look forward to sharing with the students the great joy of quality choral singing, helping them discover the fantastic opportunities to be gained from singing in a choir, and witnessing the beginning of their singing journey.


Hannah Grigg
Choir Director